Fearless Girl statue

The True Enemy of the ‘Fearless Girl’

  • By Rhiannon
  • April 16, 2017
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There’s a wonderful new piece of art in New York City. Facing off with the Charging Bull statue near Wall Street is the new Fearless Girl. You may have seen … Continue Reading →

Silence as Consent in a Democracy

Surrounding the inauguration of our current president, there were many articles circulating about how folks can reduce political burnout by focusing on one or two key issues. This would prevent being burdened … Continue Reading →

Tell Me Why You Aren’t An Ignorant Coward

Of all the things that Trump promised to do, what he actually did last night is the one that gives me the most pain. The fact that some people I … Continue Reading →

Civility To Encourage Understanding

Right now, America feels incredibly divided. When it comes to everyday discussions, I see two different roads that people can take: Accept that everybody believes what they believe and that … Continue Reading →

In Defense of Bureaucracy

The day after Trump was elected, somebody I know shrugged it off and said “Oh, all those things he promised won’t happen, because the system protects itself.” Usually, this would … Continue Reading →

Post Mass-Shooting Checklist

This morning, we woke up to news of another mass shooting. A friend told me the overview of what happened, and it took hours for me to gather up the … Continue Reading →

On Being a Traveler From North Carolina

  • By Rhiannon
  • May 20, 2016
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For most of my life, I have self-identified as a “North Carolinian.” There were a couple of years of my adult life that I lived in Louisiana, but even while … Continue Reading →